Zalando Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

What is Zalando's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign? 

For the first year, Zalando is launching an international breast cancer awareness campaign, supporting different projects in some of the countries where Zalando operates. With this campaign, Zalando will raise the awareness of breast cancer and the fight against it. Zalando want to join their ambitious goal of making the disease even more treatable and contribute to improving the quality of life for people who are facing or have faced the battle with breast cancer. Zalando will support the Pink Ribbon Campaign in its aim to nurse and nurture all women. 

What activities does Zalando support with this initiative?

With this campaign, Zalando supports different projects in some of the markets where they operate. Among the main activities there is, for example,  the Spanish program "atención integral a la mujer con cáncer de mama" of AECC, dedicated to improving the quality of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Zalando will support Pink Ribbon local initiatives in Belgium, funding the research for early detection of breast cancer, and in the Netherlands, contributing to projects focused on patient quality of life and aftercare. In France, the campaign will side with the ARC Foundation, focused on researching breast fibroma arisen as result of cancer treatments and improving the quality of life of patients undergoing cures. In Italy, Zalando will substain the AIRC research on breast cancer through funding two biennial scholarships for young researchers.

How does Zalando support AIRC in Italy? 

In Italy, Zalando finances two two-year scholarships for breast cancer research for young researchers. The call for applications was published in April 2019 on the main scientific channels and on the AIRC website. The Technical and Scientific Committee of AIRC, with members from the international research field, selects the applications and awards the scholarships by the end of 2019, which will officially be announced at the beginning of 2020.

How does Zalando support AECC in Spain?

In Spain, Zalando will fund the project "atención integral a la mujer con cancer de mama" founded by the AECC. The objectives of this project, are to minimize the emotional and psychological disorders caused by breast cancer and facilitate the access to social resources available to face the sickness. Hence, this project offers a psychological focus, a social focus, lymphedema treatment, leisure activities and medical-health advice.

How does Zalando support Pink Ribbon in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, Zalando will donate to Pink Ribbon by sustaining scientific research in the field of treatment, aftercare and long term effects of breast cancer. Pink Ribbon's aim is to provide proper treatment, optimal guidance and a better and longer life for each breast cancer patient.

How does Zalando support Pink Ribbon in Belgium?

In Belgium, Zalando will donate to Pink Ribbon's local program focused on research for early detection of Breast Cancer and on promotion of a healthier and more balanced lifestyle as a means to prevent cancer diagnosis.

How does Zalando support the Foundation ARC in France?

Because cancer affects 382,000 people every year in France, causes more than 157,000 deaths and spares no age group, every research project, every discovery, every advance is one more step in this fight. Zalando is thus committed to the ARC Foundation by participating in the financing of the project by Oncologist and Radiotherapist Céline Bourgier, which consists of preventing the disabling effects of radiotherapy.


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