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How Faithfull the brand came to be

Raised across different continents, their travels united the Australian Sarah Jane Abrahams and the Norwegian Helle Themenger. On the island of Bali, Indonesia, the two met and formed a friendship that would allow them to live the life of their dreams, while taking the road less travelled. Together, they combined their mutual love for fashion and style, but above all else, a desire to see the world.

They chose the name “Faithfull” for its warm and feminine feel. The essence of their brand, evident in every collection, is young and simple in design, with a nostalgic nod to the vintage wardrobes of summers of the past. They combined Scandinavian simplicity with a laid-back Australian spirit and the island lifestyle that they are now accustomed to in Bali.

What is their goal in the clothing industry

Their pieces are designed for the modern traveller. They are versatile and easily make a woman feel confident and stylish in the simplest and most accessible way possible. Their goal is to be the must-have clothing attire for all women’s suitcases and their clothing to say "well-lived and well-travelled."

Faithfull is the creation of two globetrotters with a passion for travel and a vision to inspire women around the world to live well while travelling and living life to the fullest.

A "Faithfull" hand in the community

With their production based in Bali, Indonesia, they believe in building lasting relationships with their partners and the community. They are community and family-oriented, forging mutually beneficial partnerships, based on authentic family values.

They will continue to work with and develop the local communities and artisans around them and will continue to adhere to handcraft production with total love and care. As they thrive, they will always continue to reciprocate and stay caring towards the community. They are doing their part to create a better future by creating socially responsible clothing that you can wear comfortably inside and out.

They need to know how their products are being made and who makes them. They want to maintain a personal bond with each of their employees to make sure they are treated well. Being located in Indonesia, and thus working closely with Bali's local communities, they can help build and promote local artists into creating beautiful handmade items.