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Tracksuit bottoms - black Tracksuit bottoms - anthracite melange LOVE LOVE LOVE - Print T-shirt - salmon E-DRY - Sports shirt - red STARS - Print T-shirt - medium grey LOVE LOVE LOVE - Print T-shirt - off white 3/4 sports trousers - navy E-DRY - Sweatshirt - black Long sleeved top - berry red E-DRY YORKWELL - Tracksuit bottoms - solid black Fleece - black Vest - red COLY - Tights - dark grey E-DRY - Print T-shirt - berry red melange E-DRY - Tracksuit bottoms - solid black Tights - off white Sports bra - salmon Sports bra - black solid E-DRY - Basic T-shirt - salmon Tracksuit bottoms - solid black E-DRY - Sports shirt - solid black Tights - black SEAMLESS - Sports bra - black melange BRA - Sports bra - solid black Sports shirt - salmon E-DRY - Sports shirt - salmon E-DRY - Long sleeved top - medium grey Tracksuit bottoms - black E-DRY - Sports shirt - black Vest - navy Tracksuit bottoms - medium grey Tracksuit bottoms - medium grey E-DRY - Sports shirt - salmon Fleece - salmon E-DRY - Tights - navy E-DRY - Sports shirt - medium grey ONSIE - Tracksuit - black Sports bra - navy Tracksuit top - navy Tights - black Tights - navy E-DRY - Sports shirt - cherry red Tracksuit top - navy Tracksuit top - anthracite Sweatshirt - light grey Sports shirt - turquoise Tights - black E-DRY - Print T-shirt - black Jumper - dark grey Sports shirt - medium grey Tracksuit top - medium grey Print T-shirt - navy Basic T-shirt - cherry red Vest - medium grey Print T-shirt - off white Print T-shirt - aqua green Tracksuit bottoms - dark grey Print T-shirt - black melange Tracksuit top - black Sports bra - anthracite

From base layers up to slinky tracksuit tops Esprit Sports delivers a relaxed approach to your off-duty wardrobe. Mix and match these separates whether you're working hard in the gym or enjoying a leisurely weekend brunch.

Esprit Sports - sporting style with attitude

Esprit was launched in San Francisco in 1968 by Susie and Doug Tompkins. Their original lines of sporty clothing were sold from the back of their camper van. Today Esprit Sports appeals to confident young women who enjoy an active lifestyle. Dance your way through a fast and furious Zumba class in eye-dazzling tights and sports bras finished in self-coloured paisley patterns. Short sleeve sports tees with feminine neckline pleating are perfect for pulling on top when it's time to meet up with your friends for coffee after class. We think denim-look tracksuit bottoms look just as great in the gym as they do in the relaxed office. Add white T-shirts, matching denim lace up flats and top with an oversized wool coat in bold blocks of toning colour.

High-low Monday to Sunday styling from Esprit Sports

Seasonal berry colours brighten up Esprit Sports long sleeve tops in stretchy jersey. Style a high-low look for pre-Christmas drinks by pairing them with black evening trousers and heels. Finish with the colourful embellishment of a chunky necklace. Esprit Sports works grey as the perfect winter neutral. Mix up the sweatshirts and tracksuit tops with navy pleated midi skirts, opaque tights and loafers for the office or pull on cropped running tights and over-the-knee suede boots for weekend comfort. Add some colour with roomy tote bags, padded gilets and your winter accessories.

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