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Timeless style meets evolving trends with Esprit

Esprit has been the casual wear clothing brand that speaks directly to the youthful, energised and trend-centric fashionista since the late ‘60s, and continues to evolve whilst maintaining quality craftmanship and high-end fashion sensibilities. Created in California with the aim to elevate sun-seekers’ fashion sense whilst remaining affordable and responsible for the environment, the brand grew to great heights with some of the biggest celebrity endorsements throughout the decades. Solidified as an aspirational label almost instantly, Esprit still continues to enhance and inspire wardrobes around the globe, keeping quality fashion accessible to all.

Regardless of the season or occasion, Esprit offers a top-to-toe solution for all things fashion. From underwear to winter jackets and everything in between, Esprit caters for men and women that like to celebrate their commitment to a label with a holistic approach. In fact, Esprit is so comprehensive in its attitude that handbags, shoes, hats and swimwear form as much a part of their collections as traditional clothing does.

Step into formal settings with the confidence of Esprit

Whilst Esprit has been a legend in terms of summer-loving fashion, their collections have grown over the years to include a multitude of looks, outfits and attitudes. Feel as confident and strong when entering the boardroom for a meeting as you do relaxing on a lunch date with strong suits, blouses and shirts, blazers and smart trousers. When night time rolls around and you need to up the glamour and sophistication, ladies can slip into a little bling and bring the sparkle to their looks, while men are catered for with well-structured silhouettes on top of quality tailoring.

Full seasonal collections available from head to toe

As you move from summer into the cooler months you can put away your sun hats, T-shirts, shorts and flowing dresses for Esprit’s collection of autumn and winter wear that not only keeps you warm and protected, but doesn’t drop the ball on trends. With some of the most cutting-edge knitwear, scarves, long-sleeved tops and jacket lines, stay dry and warm with effortless style whilst still maintaining your love of the brand. Shoe lovers can explore the classic cuts and versatile range of quality footwear that favours the warmer months and prepare for your most comfortable spring yet. Iconic in its branding, the Esprit logo strikes a bold statement when worn on simple, classic tees that celebrate the eighties in a retro-throwback fashion. So make sure you include a timeless Esprit logo on your favourite hoodie or tee for those lounging days.

Whether you have a nostalgia for the vintage aspect of the brand or are just hearing about Esprit for the first time, be prepared to fall in love with a collection that offers you the most comprehensive fashion solution out there. If freedom of movement and casual sophistication is important to you, Esprit will have you covered for every possible occasion, day or night. Step inside a world of freedom, creativity, spontaneity and a spirit for life when you celebrate all that is Esprit – and walk tall with the confidence of longevity as your fashion ally.