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What makes Emilio Pucci so distinctive?

Here at Zalando, we are delighted to offer you a carefully edited collection of Emilio Pucci designs.

Right from the beginning of his career, Emilio Pucci used colours and patterns in a way that is unlike any other designer. The essence of an Emilio Pucci design is the combination of three different elements: colour, pattern and unique cutting to give a delectable outline to each and every garment.

The colours are bold and varied, splashes of sun-soaked Mediterranean hues combined to create a joyful ensemble or confidently balanced geometrical shapes in primary colours. Equally important to the Emilio Pucci signature look are the intricate, swirling abstract edge-to-edge patterns – once seen never forgotten.

The Emilio Pucci heritage

Perhaps only an Italian could make such brilliant use of colour, and Emilio Pucci was indeed Italian. He came from a wealthy family and did not originally intend to open a fashion house. He designed some skiwear for his own use, and his friends and acquaintances began to ask for copies for themselves.

Seeing the popularity of his skiwear, Emilio Pucci expanded his range by adding swimwear. White swimsuits with the Pucci signature in sugar-sweet colours are still an important part of each year’s collection. The designer was an outstanding sportsman himself, and as a result, his fashion house was founded on sportswear. It's perhaps the attention to detail and structure required in the creation of effective and stylish sportswear that has informed all the other garments in this range and made them so special.

Buyers from leading department stores were amazed by the kaleidoscopic, multi-coloured prints they saw in Pucci’s ateliers, and they suggested that he should branch out into dresses and blouses. The arresting pieces that Pucci produced soon became synonymous with holidays in chic resorts and elegant cocktail parties. The designer also caught the eye of film stars and celebrities who were enchanted by the effortless elegance and glamour of his clothes. Pucci designs to this day feature in the trend-driven K-dramas so beloved of fashionistas around the world.

Emilio Pucci for our discerning Zalando customers

One of the reasons we think you will fall in love with this unique style is the availability of Emilio Pucci pieces. Their output is somewhat restricted compared to that of other more mainstream fashion houses. So, you may not be familiar with the iconic Italian name, but now you have the chance to see the unique pieces on offer.

The exhilarating patterns and colours are used to create outstandingly original clothes, accessories and even baby clothes. The famous Pucci swing is most noticeable in the dresses and kaftans, where the informal looseness is, in fact, a very cleverly constructed shape that flatters and gives movement and mystery to anyone who wears it.

We hope you will love the look as much as we do and that you will grab a little piece of the action. If the conspicuously colourful patterns are not quite you, we have included a more restrained option – decadently luxurious tee-shirts with a little flash of the Pucci name. Let us know what you think!