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Producing children’s shoes with a unique twist, German brand Elefanten have been designing shoes since 1928. The brand’s persistent pursuit to create the finest kids’ footwear has meant that years of finding the best materials, conducting studies, and contacting experts such as paediatricians, and orthopaedics, have all contributed to the expertise of this brand today. This experience in making children’s footwear over a long time span has allowed Elefanten to transfer their knowledge into new and innovative designs. From their research, the brand concluded that kids were running around in shoes which were too big, too wide or too narrow; this led to the brand introducing a new width measuring system (WMS) which takes into account both width and length. Browse the collection of Elefanten kids’ shoes at Zalando today, and discover quality from one of Europe’s biggest footwear brands for children.

Elefanten kids’ shoes ensure the best quality and comfort for your feet

Elefanten are a brand who emphasise comfort and durability, whilst producing stylish kids’ shoes which have been made from the finest of materials. For those excited little ones who can’t wait to get crawling or walking and need comfy, practical and hard-wearing shoes, this collection of Elefanten crawlers and first walkers will be the perfect footwear for them. With Elefanten, you can rest assured that you’re investing in high quality shoes, which have years of expertise behind them. Soft materials, bold colours and fun designs comprise each pair of Elefanten kids’ low shoes which have been built to ensure your child will be wearing top quality footwear. In this collection of Elefanten kids’ shoes, you will find a range of different styles, fastenings, and colours to cater to girls and boys. For a brand who care about the health of your children’s feet, make sure to browse Elefanten at

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