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Winter jacket - navy FRILL - Long sleeved top - black Chinos - navy Print T-shirt - navy Print T-shirt - black Winter jacket - black Jeans Skinny Fit - blue medium wash OPEN CARDIGAN - Cardigan - dark grey Jumper dress - off white STREET CULTURE - Print T-shirt - navy Blouse - navy Print T-shirt - white PALM PHOTO - Print T-shirt - aqua green Winter jacket - taupe BASIC - Jumper dress - dark grey Slim fit jeans - blue medium wash HIGH SKIN - Slim fit jeans - grey dark wash HIPSTER SAILOR REGULAR FIT - Print T-shirt - navy HUMAN ANIMAL - Print T-shirt - off white SPRAY - Print T-shirt - aqua green BROOKLYN CITY REGULAR FIT - Print T-shirt - navy KEYHOL - Long sleeved top - navy STAR - Jumper - grey REGULAR FIT - Basic T-shirt - navy PANTS LENGTH SERVICE - Jeggings - grey light wash COACH - Light jacket - navy Jumper - navy Basic T-shirt - light blue lavender OTTOMAN - Jumper - black RAGLAN - Jumper dress - black SERAFINO - Print T-shirt - navy Jeans Skinny Fit - grey light wash Basic T-shirt - white SLOUCHFISHER - Hat - grey Jeans Skinny Fit - black SCALLOPEDGE - Shift dress - black Sweatshirt - grey Jumper - turquoise Print T-shirt - aqua green PUNK - Print T-shirt - medium grey STRIPETAPE - Short coat - navy CUBA CAR - Print T-shirt - white Jumper - light grey STRAIGHT - Straight leg jeans - black dark wash SAME DAY - Print T-shirt - navy COSY STRIPE BLANK - Scarf - yellow CACTUS - Print T-shirt - dark teal green Sweatshirt - navy REGULAR FIT - Basic T-shirt - olive Jeans Skinny Fit - grey medium wash ALL YOU NEED IS - Print T-shirt - navy Jumper - turquoise Jumper - navy TANKSTELLE REGULAR FIT - Print T-shirt - bordeaux red Polo shirt - navy A-line skirt - navy BASIC - Jumper - navy SCOOP - Jumper - dusty green FRILL - Jumper dress - garnet red ALOHA - Print T-shirt - white

As a branch of the international lifestyle brand founded in 1968 San Fransisco, edc by Esprit is driven by a youthful and energetic approach to everyday fashion for men and women.

Rejuvenate your daily staples with edc by Esprit

Creative, colourful and vibrant, edc by Esprit is one of our favourite lifestyle brands and a great way to lift our wardrobes with some fresh energy. The design team at edc by Esprit takes influence from global trends within each collection, offering us new takes on classic casual separates and accessories. edc by Esprit women's clothing ranges from luxury quilted down coats and fine-knit printed jumpers to draped cardigans and simple t-shirts in a variety of comfortable fits and dynamic finishes.

Bring an adventurous spirit to your look with edc by Esprit

Refresh your everyday look with edc by Esprit women's tops. Choose a selection of fitted long-sleeved tops in neutral shades like cream, grey and pastel, or experiment with stripes, graphic prints and ethnic details. For men, bomber jackets, faded jeans and checked shirts from this collection of edc by Esprit men's clothing are wardrobe essentials that will see you through the season and far beyond.

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