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The luxury denim brand Earnest Sewn was launched in 2004, New York, to offer stylish clothing for everyday wear. Each product consistently demonstrates a commitment to quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and authenticity, which reflects the brands dedication to its 'sewn in earnest' philosophy.

Earnest Sewn - Authentic denim wear with character.

Every garment created by Earnest Sewn possesses a unique quality about it. This is due to the production process, which entails garments being mostly stitched together by one person, and washes utilising a hand-drawn technique. Earnest Sewn adopts the idea of the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, which perceives beauty in imperfection. Clothing by this brand is hand-crafted to a high standard yet seams may not be perfectly straight - this is what gives Earnest Sewn garments their distinct character setting them apart from the crowd. As well as denim products, such as Earnest Sewn women's jeans, this brand also creates denim related clothing including t-shirts, sporty trousers, sweatshirts and outerwear.

Earnest Sewn: Capturing the American spirit in original denim.

Earnest Sewn jeans are constructed from high quality fabrics that have been sourced from around the world, including Italy, Turkey, America and Japan. For an everyday outfit, pick out a pair of Earnest Sewn men's jeans in a classic straight leg or hipster slim fit cut, and style with your favourite hoodie and loafers. To create a sporty look, choose a cosy cotton design from the range of Earnest Sewn men's jumpers and cardigans, and combine with high-top trainers and a pair of ash grey joggers. At you'll discover a great choice of Earnest Sewn clothing in urban styles with a rugged, chic aesthetic.

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