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LEXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - black lush CADEN - Long sleeved top - wild green ZAM - Jeans Skinny Fit - black ARY - Pencil skirt - grey mix ARY - Pencil skirt - wild green MOXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - blue lush SMITH - Sweatshirt - player pink ALISIA - Summer dress - light green ALISIA - Summer dress - black ARJA - Jersey dress - wild green LEROY - Jeans Skinny Fit - mitretro MATHIS REGULAR FIT - Fleece - black DWIGHT - Denim jacket - white PLENTY - Jeggings - mid grey PLENTY - Jeggings - black PLENTY - Jeggings - void blue raw hem FELIX - Shirt - white JEANIE - Denim jacket - white DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - grey lush shadow CROPA CABANA - Slim fit jeans - white MOXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - black LEXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - void blue raw hem DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - mid wrecking blue DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - black lush ZOE - Jeans Skinny Fit - acid black ZOE - Jeans Skinny Fit - acid dark blue JENN - Denim shorts - mid retro JENN - Denim shorts - seriours light retro NORA - Slim fit jeans - acid blue DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - organic mid retro CROPA CABANA - Slim fit jeans - black PLENTY - Jeans Skinny Fit - sinners red raw hem CLARK - Slim fit jeans - mid retro JEANIE - Denim jacket - pink DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - grey lush EDIE - Slim fit jeans - acid black DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - dark wrecking blue JENN - Denim shorts - 80's stone CROPA CABANA - Slim fit jeans - voild blue JENN - Denim shorts - pink NORA - Slim fit jeans - pink PLENTY - Jeans Skinny Fit - ex pink raw hem SNAP - Jeans Skinny Fit - acid black DIXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - light stone LYLI - Vest - black Jumper - black OTIS - Relaxed fit jeans - player pink raw hem MINNIE - Denim skirt - black JENN - Denim shorts - black retro PATRICK - Basic T-shirt - player pink LEXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - organic light blue CLEMENTINE - Denim shorts - superlight stone MINNIE - Denim skirt - light retro JORI - Jersey dress - black LEXY - Jeans Skinny Fit - light void blue CLEMENTINE - Denim shorts - light stone PETE - Shirt - light blue PETE - Shirt - black dust SMITH - Sweatshirt - bandit beige JEANIE - Denim jacket - black

Focusing on high quality fabrics, contemporary details and trend-driven fits, Dr.Denim is where we go when we want to update our jeans with some chic European edge.

Try bold new trends with Dr.Denim

Founded by two Swedish brothers in 2004, Dr.Denim is all about creating everyday staples with superior quality finishes. Dr.Denim men's clothing includes urban-esque bomber jackets and minimalistic jumpsuits as well as a whole spectrum of jeans in classic and contemporary cuts. Dr.Denim is an ideal way to keep our casual look updated in fresh style.

Go Swedish chic with Dr.Denim

Dr.Denim women's clothing ranges from bleached skinny jeans and loose boyfriend fits to flared denims with a bold patchwork effect. Choose a wide flare in a faded finish from this collection of Dr.Denim for a hint of 70s appeal and team with a peasant blouse to maximise the vintage effect. Go for a pair of dungarees from this edit of Dr.Denim women's jeans for a retro 90s look. Wear with a short-sleeved white tee and a pair of chunky high-tops for a subtle urban feel.

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