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SINITA - Winter coat - burdeos PORTO NOVO - Jersey dress - black Handbag - carmin SEBASTIAN - Long sleeved top - blanco JERS TXELL - Jumper - marino Across body bag - magenta haze AME PAULINA - Blazer - gris vigore claro Tote bag - schwarz ROUGE - Jersey dress - gris oscuro ABRIG CECILIA - Down jacket - black LINX - Long sleeved top - navy Across body bag - black Handbag - black ANETA - Jumper - black CHIPI - Summer dress - black CHIPI - Summer dress - verde botella Winter coat - black CINT ARO METAL SPLATTER - Belt - black BATON - Summer dress - black ROUGE - Jersey dress - midnight JACKSONVILLE - Jersey dress - black WINTER STRIPES - Scarf - black MALAGA - Jumper dress - marino FERNAN - Relaxed fit jeans - jeans CARLIN - Jumper - marino Tote bag - black PISA - Winter coat - navy OSAMIM - Winter coat - ciruela ARTES - Mini skirt - dark blue SYDNEY - Jersey dress - black Handbag - navy PULS 3 PACK RETRO FRESH - Bracelet - black MARIOTI - Leggings - black LISA - Blouse - navy FERMIN - Long sleeved top - verde tropical FREYA - Jersey dress - grey AMONA - Long sleeved top - black PULS CARIBOU 6 PACK - Bracelet - black OSAMIM - Winter coat - black PEUMO - Leggings - navy ALEGRE - Mini skirt - black JANITZ - Long sleeved top - azul espacial BOSTON - Summer dress - midnight Across body bag - black TALLAHESSE - Long sleeved top - black RACOON - Long sleeved top - petrucho SET - Tote bag - verde militar SET - Handbag - tinta VEST SALTLAKECIT - Summer dress - azul tinta CHANTALE - Jumper - marino BASIC - Leggings - fuchsia rose SASKATCHEWAN - Long sleeved top - gris oscuro GEORGIA - Long sleeved top - fuchsia rose CAPAS TROYA - Tunic - black Across body bag - leather brown Long sleeved top - black ANAXIMENES - Jumper - burdeos GREBE - Hoodie - black SACRAMENTO - Long sleeved top - azul tinta CHIVITE - Long sleeved top - black

Beautifully unique, Desigual is a Spanish brand that truly captures creativity and individuality. Steering away from catwalk trends, Desigual sets itself apart from the rest of the high street with eclectic designs that burst with life.

Creating emotions with colour, joy and fantasy at Desigual

Created in 1984, Desigual gives off positive, care free vibes with its bold use of colour and pattern. Unique personality feeds the designs of the brand, who seek to dress people not bodies, with fun flair, so there's always a reason to have a good time with Desigual . Start with their leather bags to bring that element of vibrancy into your every day style. Patch work textures meet fine leather and signature Desigual prints like paisleys and florals. Use them to accessorise your simpler looks, or add a happy brighter streak to your work wear looks.

Stand out from the crowd and express yourself with Desigual

With Desigual , you always know it'll be a good time. Printed dresses are a perfect summer option, with vibrant prints that bring the sunshine even on a cloudy day. Team longer line tunics with women's leggings, and add a floral patterned scarf for an eclectic boho feel. Cosy coats by Desigual get the bright treatment too in ombre fuchsias and graphic geo prints, great on dark winter days for lifting your spirits, and practical too with snuggly quilting and fur lined hoods.

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