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DAY GWENETH - Rucksack - black DAY GWENETH - Tote bag - black DAY MINERAL - Light jacket - puce STEVE ORIGINAL - Relaxed fit jeans - indigo stone wash DAY GWENETH - Wash bag - asphalt PLUS - Slip-ons - black Across body bag - black DAY CYCLONE - Short coat - faded bloom DAY MINERAL - Light jacket - black Tote bag - spumanti DAY SADIQUI BOOT - High heeled ankle boots - armish DAY MAROC - Braided belt - black Tote bag - black DAY GWENETH PETAL - Rucksack - black PLUS - Trainers - blur Tote bag - ultra blue CHEER - Jumper dress - wine tasting BARA - Classic coat - hyrdra FERTIL - Trousers - seeds DAY AIR - Pleated skirt - spumanti DAY RAINFALL - Maxi dress - powder blue RAINBOW - Summer dress - absinth JEANETT - Slim fit jeans - indigo stone wash MAGIC - Trousers - nightsky DAY ZANDER - Scarf - grau DAY GWENETH - Rucksack - black DAY HAREM STILETTO - Lace-up heels - black DAY CRISP - Tracksuit bottoms - caviar DAY GWENETH - Tote bag - off-white SALLY - Slim fit jeans - black denim Across body bag - black REX - Slim fit jeans - black JOLIE - Slim fit jeans - indigo stone wash FLIP - Bootcut jeans - bright blue DAY GWENETH Q DECO - Rucksack - riad rose DAY POSH TACH - Rucksack - suit blue DAY ZANDER - Scarf - rosa Tote bag - caviar SHOWERING - Wellies - rouge/noir DAY GWENETH FLORIA BEAUTY - Wash bag - black Tote bag - black Across body bag - black 2ND GOGO - Boots - black Pleated skirt - simply green GWENETH LINGER MINI - Wash bag - black Tote bag - black DAY GWENETH DECO BABY - Baby changing bag - midnight navy DAY SOUTH - T-bar sandals - black DAY ZANDER - Scarf - dark blue EXQUISITE - Blouse - amethyst Tote bag - multicolor DAY SUNNY - Blouse - south wind GWENETH DECO MINI - Wash bag - riad rose DRONA - Jumper - heather DAY GWENETH - Rucksack - merlot BRUSHA - Sweatshirt - peached Across body bag - black 2ND CECILIA TWICE - Leather skirt - dark night DAY GWENETH BABY - Baby changing bag - black LEYA - Leather trousers - black

Modern designs meet global influences across the latest selections by DAY, mirroring the bohemian minimalism of sister lines DAY Birger et Mikkelsen and 2ND DAY. Keep your essentials in check with structured tote bags and tablet cases, introducing delicate layers into your look with lacy camisoles and structured jackets.

Everyday glamour by DAY

Taking inspiration from the streets of Copenhagen, DAY brings an urban vibe to timeless wardrobe essentials. The brand was founded by Keld Mikkelsen back in 1997, exploring contemporary silhouettes and intricate embellishments to showcase an underlying passion for tailoring and craftsmanship. Start your collection with a skinny fit leather pencil skirt paired with a loose fitting woollen jumper, accessorising with suede ankle boots and a compact cross body bag.

Copenhagen street wear from DAY

Tailor up your look with a sharp outdoor coat from DAY, contrasting beautifully with a metallic pleated skirt and a relaxed fit t-shirt. Choose a sleek shift dress during the week, teaming with patent heeled loafers and an oversized tote bag when you're heading to the city. Two tone lace dresses put an incredibly glamorous and modern twist on platform heels, while ruched jersey tops bring an elegant twist to tailored trousers.

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