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Catalogue from Daniel Hechter


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Jumper dress - copper Jersey dress - fuchsia Blazer - black Maxi dress - black Day dress - weiss Day dress - multicolor Classic coat - mint Shift dress - black Day dress - steel blue Day dress - black Classic coat - indian red Classic coat - forest green Classic coat - army Day dress - indian red Trousers - black Jersey dress - navy Day dress - ecrue Day dress - orange Day dress - navy A-line skirt - black

Daniel Hechter – authentic fashion which combines the French way of life with a lightly sporty elegance. The brand Daniel Hechter is rooted in the fashion capital Paris, a place where a fashion company can only benefit from of course. The fashion label Daniel Hechter is intrinsically tied to the similarly named company which opened a fashion house in Paris in 1962. The brand was founded with the goal, of not only creating ambitious fashion, but also, above all else, wearable styles. By doing so, Daniel Hechter appeals to a large clientele, establishing itself on an international fashion market. Since 1998, the company Miltenberger Otto Aulbach GmbH also part of the Daniel Hechter company, with this restructuring, Daniel Hechter was also subsequently further developed. Now Daniel Hechter is not only exclusively known for men’s and women’s clothing, but also for shoes, accessories and make up and even sport and underwear! All of the collections have one thing in common: They combine skillful sportiness with elegance and European tradition and sense of style. Fashion as a lifestyle – a motto which Daniel Hechter has internalised in his collections. It was and is still his vision to make creative and wearable fashion affordable – the deciding difference between him and other designers of his time, which the brand has had great success with. A further promise from Daniel Hechter’s fashion: It should be wearable every day and support you in your self confidence and way of living – the beginning of a sporty, yet elegant, fashion.If you like Daniel Hechter’s attitude to life and would like it as part of your fashion world, then take a look at his collections on and order Daniel Hechter, with free shipping, today! Further information about the brand can be found by calling our service team on 0203 059 8139. Daniel Hechter – certainty for always being well dressed!