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MANGA - Long sleeved top - white VOLANTE BAJO - Blouse - white Jumper dress - bordeaux Long sleeved top - white AMERICANA - Cardigan - marine blue COAT BELT - Classic coat - mottled black Blouse - white BOTONES - Jumper - dark blue Jumper - bordeaux Jumper - black Jumper dress - grey Tote bag - black COAT EMBRODERY FLAP - Classic coat - black CREMALLERAS - Leggings - black CUELLO - Blouse - black MONO LARGO - Jumpsuit - red PUNTO ESPIGA - Suit jacket - blues MONO LARGO - Jumpsuit - blau ESTAMPADA - Summer dress - green Jumper dress - dark blue AMERICANA - Cardigan - beige/roasted BAJO ONDAS - A-line skirt - black Jumper - dark blue Across body bag - pink ACOLCHADO TACHAS - Across body bag - black Denim dress - blue BORDER LEOPARD - Scarf - brown A-line skirt - blues Trousers - red AZULON - Suit trousers - blues Blouse - beige SLIM FIT - Suit - marine blue Trousers - beige/camel Print T-shirt - marine blue Blouse - black Jumper - black Pencil skirt - black TIP - Polo shirt - marine blue Trousers - blues Jumper - silver TIP - Polo shirt - dark green VOLANTE - Print T-shirt - beige Vest - red GYM - Summer dress - red VOLANTE - Print T-shirt - pink Blouse - light blue Shorts - blues Across body bag - blue Long sleeved top - marine blue PRINT BORD - Blouse - light blue Belt - wales SLIM - Chinos - marine blue LAZOS - Jumper - silver Blouse - beige CINTURON - Print T-shirt - white PALAZZO - Trousers - blue Jersey dress - white Jumper - beige/kamel CAMISETA RAYA MULTIC - Print T-shirt - 45_greys VOLANTE - Blouse - petrol

Cortefiel is renowned for creating distinguished casualwear that fuses timeless designs with contemporary trends. Established in Madrid in 1945, Cortefiel is one of Europe’s leading luxury fashion brands. Today the brand has a strong core of followers in over 30 countries.

Choose Cortefiel for cutting-edge casualwear

Cortefiel is all about making cutting-edge fashion wearable for the casual fashion lover. We love this collection because it does all this while exuding great quality. Our range of Cortefiel women’s jumpers and cardigans is packed with sleek cuts in a palette of neutral block tones and simple patterns. There is a purity in these Cortefiel designs that will cleanse your style and wardrobe. What's more, Cortefiel primarily uses lightweight delicate materials, which means their trademark unstructured cuts drape beautifully for instant elegance. We recommend teaming these soft knits with your favourite comfy jeans and pumps for a fuss-free weekend look. V-neck cuts flatter all bodyshapes when paired with skinny jeans or leggings by elongating the figure, while round and crew-neck cardigans and sweaters work well for petite shapes with jeans, summer dresses or midi-skirts.

Cortefiel: a reason to pile on the layers

This collection from Cortefeil is the perfect reason to look forward to grey days. Their lightweight fabrics make it easy to layer these women’s sweaters and cardigans with vests and Tshirts, topped off with one of our luxurious Cortefiel women’s coats. Oversized long blazers are on-trend for a couture style when paired with a polo neck or loose white shirt. And thanks to this selection of Cortefiel women’s trousers and leggings, you can pull off this relaxed yet chic look with textured skinny-fit or tailored capri trousers, complete with a billowing shirt and classic heels. Rediscover effortless fashion by browsing our collection of Cortefiel at

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