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Promoting female pleasure with Coco De Mer

Coco de Mer has created and organised a unique collection of luxury and erotic lingerie. Browse their alluring collections of luxury lingerie, exquisite bondage clothes, branded sex toys, erotic gifts, and more to delight your desires and awaken your senses.

They are a proudly inclusive brand, welcoming women and men interested in female pleasure and mutual appreciation.

From flashy lingerie to exquisitely designed sex toys, they create products designed to explore the pleasure, joy, and endless possibilities of women and their sexuality. You can find their alluring collections online, as well as erotic guides containing everything you always wanted to know about the art of seduction and the mastery of pleasure.

Shinning a light on taboo

Coco de Mer exists to shed light on the extraordinary power, potential, and importance of feminine pleasure and sensuality. For many years, they have been committed to celebrating and promoting pleasure for all, breaking long-standing taboos around sexuality. Feminine sensuality can change your life.

Pleasure is one of the real gifts of being a woman. A woman's ability to experience pleasure is innate, universal, and human. It is never too late to start exploring the extraordinary possibilities of sensual pleasure.

Bringing out your inner woman

Coco de Mer is the Maison du Plaisir, a safe place to discover the potential of pleasure, with a brand built and managed by women for women. They want to empower the women, which is why they only use female teams in all their plans.

Coco de Mer is for all women who are looking to get the most pleasure, joy, and enjoyment out of life. To help realise the endless delights that pleasure can bring, they run intimate salons in their London boutique to teach the best art of exploring pleasure.