white Women's Cocktail Dresses

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We love the purity and freshness of white cocktail dresses, perfect for channeling that classic elegant appeal.

Play up your angelic side with white cocktail dresses

Clean, crisp and light, the colour white just makes us feel instantly refreshed. White cocktail dresses are an elegant and timeless choice of party dress, especially for formal events and daytime occasions. From on-trend off the shoulder dresses in rich brocade to perfectly tailored shifts with subtle mesh cut-outs, white cocktail dresses are a standout look that ooze summery charm and effortless style.

Breathe purity and light into your look with white cocktail dresses

We'll admit that one of the many allures of the white cocktail dress is how fab it looks against our tans - both natural and bottle-created. Worn with pointy black heels for a slick monochrome twist or paired with chunky statement necklaces in vibrant colour mixes, white cocktail dresses are a perfect way to offset bolder colours and perfectly applied makeup. Choose white cocktail dresses in lace or sheer panels to work some texture into the look, or go with a subtle printed finish for added impact.

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