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Peak Performance clothing is designed for people with a passion for sporting activities including cycling, skiing, hiking and training. This collection is so much more than sports clothing. Peak Performance clothing also comprises stylish outfits that are suitable for everyday wear. These clothes are for real people who prove themselves through their favourite past-time activities. Peak Performance clothing is a blend of practicality, classic styles, and fashion that is brought up to date to create highly desirable essentials. Peak Performance clothing is suitable for your everyday wardrobe and for wearing while doing the things you love best. You'll discover a stunning range of clothes that are specifically designed to provide the warmth and manoeuvrability that you require while being active. These include quilted jackets, a variety of tops, cargo trousers, shorts and caps. The women's range comes in feminine cuts and subtle colours that convey a complementary elegance. The Peak Performance men's range is tailored to a casual fit, and is available in a choice of earthy colours and plaids. Take your pick from the selection of Peak Performance clothing at Zalando.

Peak Performance clothing for active people

Men and women will appreciate the availability of stylish clothes that are suited to their active lifestyle. With Peak Performance clothing you can be assured of a durable construction that is designed to withstand vigorous sporting activities. An outdoor jacket from the Peak Performance clothing collection can be teamed up with a pair of knee-length shorts, and a plaid shirt to create a look that is suitable for everyday wear and hiking. A quilted jacket combined with an insulated hat, a pair of stylish waterproof trousers, and a hooded sweatshirt can be worn both on and off the snow slopes. Browse through the Peak Performance clothing collection at Zalando and select the right clothes to suit your free time.

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