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Launched in 2010, the Khujo clothing range has become as popular as the vintage styled jackets that won the brand its initial popularity. Khujo is an edgy brand and garments in the range have a retro look which is at once modern and classic - quite a feat from its top team of design specialists. The Khujo brand takes its inspiration from classic vintage styles but it has the same contemporary quality which is its hallmark. Garments in the range are difficult to define and interesting. Feminine but rugged tops and tunics are on offer in the range, as are light jackets and pretty blouses and dresses and skirts just perfect for entertaining or festive summer nights out. The Khujo men's range offers a variety of masculine separates which flatter the body and provide excellent mix and match options for men on the move who want to look good and love unusual gear.

Creating a classic, rugged look with Khujo clothing

Khujo clothing for men and women is styled for both comfort and fashion savoir faire. The beautifully cut and tailored appearance of the clothing in the range is ideal for men and women who demand the best quality in their garments. Rugged jackets for men and flirty tops for women bring out your hidden assets as styles don't overpower your personality, they merely enhance your best features. Khujo clothing is a great addition to this season's wardrobe and the range offers many choices to help complete your wardrobe. The Khujo clothing range offers a unique look that will attract the right kind of attention wherever you go. Vintage styled outfits are the perfect way to create a stir at any event and are very popular with all ages. Choose your favourite Khujo garments in the Zalando online shop and start to shine with old world glamour.

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