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Men's fashion today seems to cater to either one of two extremes. It is either hard, stern and sensible, meant for the sharply dressed gentleman seeking success, or it is brash, loud and over the top, to appeal to the attention seeking male with a need to impress his peers. CLOSED clothing is a superb alternative for the discerning chap who finds nothing that suits him in either of these categories, boasting a wide range of shirts, chinos, jackets, jumpers, shorts and jeans in an attractive variety of basic colours. With a selection of both classy and casual styles to choose from, CLOSED clothing is the perfect way to discover a look that is uniquely yours, just the thing one needs to fine tune his wardrobe.

Find your perfect look in CLOSED clothing

Whatever the occasion, we have something to suit in our stunning collection of CLOSED clothing here at Zalando. From formal shirts to offer a daring - but not overstated - touch of flair to your work outfits to comfortable, easy to wear hoodies and cardigans to help make those casual days another opportunity to step out in style. The CLOSED clothing range offers something for every season, meaning that every well dressed man can create his own personal style and express himself through the things he wears, all year round. After all, what's the point in fashion if one can't use it to show the world who he really is? Enjoy the cutting edge of style in CLOSED clothing.

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