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Robeez is a Canadian children's shoe company that began when its founder Sandra Wilson was unable to find shoes that could properly fit her baby. She decided to start producing children's soft sole leather shoes and booties and the rest is history! The company has become extremely popular the world over in large part due to the fact that Robeez children's shoes are much more than just a colourfully designed shoe. The soft sole bottoms make walking extremely comfortable for children and actually help improve balance. Robeez children's shoes have become a favorite of mothers around the world who want the very best for their little ones. Robeez kids' shoes aim at mimicking the feel of bare feet, allowing for space and flexibility while at the same time protecting precious growing feet. Additionally, the elasticised ankles of the booties ensure that they won't slip off and that they stay in place.


Comfortable and Flexible Children's Shoes from Robeez

There are now great Robeez kids' shoes for children of every age, whether they are just taking their first steps or running around playing with their friends. These shoes allow for comfortable and flexible mobility. Take a look on to see our selection of Robeez children's shoes. When you find a pair that you like, receiving your purchase has never been easier. Simply place your order and your shoes will be delivered to you for free. If your purchase doesn't completely meet your satisfaction, use our 30 free returns policy to receive a full refund. If you have any questions about Robeez children's shoes or any of our other brands, just call our free hotline on 0203 059 8139 and we will happily answer all of your questions. Your child deserves the very best, find it on!