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Polo shirts, shorts and sporty trainers, all with Esprit’s subtle logo, are the ultimate children’s clothing choices for summers out and winters in. Give your kids the chance to embrace classic, versatile chic when they’re on the move, through simple but fun Esprit clothing for boys and girls, whether they’re at school, on the beach or with friends. With easy boat-neck knits, romper suits, stripy cardigans and cotton trousers, Esprit kids' clothing means children are set for any event. Each garment in this range of Esprit children’s clothing is super-comfortable and suitable for any type of play, from indoor family games to outdoor events. Choose a sleeveless top and shorts or a cotton skirt for a Esprit childrens’ clothing that’s suited to adventure whilst still looking pretty and breezy, or cover your family for travel or fun with long-sleeved t-shirts, motif sweatshirts with their favourite characters or a bright jacket that’s made for fun days out.

Esprit children's clothing - cool but casual

Esprit kids' clothing has been a favourite for the casual Americana look for years, and it’s easy to see how its relaxed and preppy pieces are the whole family’s choice for work and play. Created with the slogan ‘’freedom’’ and a love of both colour and function, the team at Esprit bring us a range of basics, from cropped trousers and pretty nauticals to waterproof jackets, kids’ jeans and printed tees - every piece with its unique easy-living style, natural materials and modern shapes.

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