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What are Capezio shoes?

Every brand has a place of birth. Salvatore Capezio, born in Muro, Lucano, Italy. He wanted something more than being a cobbler in his hometown. After working as a stone worker in Italy, he emigrated to America. At the age of 17, Salvatore Capezio created a quaint shoe repair shop a few blocks from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

He started his business repairing theatre shoes for people who attended the Met Gala. Salvatore quickly went from apprentice to shoe-maker when he made a pair of emergency shoes for Jean de Reszke - a famous Polish opera star.

He discovered that ballet shoes represented a difficult balance between fragile construction and structural engineering. In turn, his clients discovered that there were no shoe-makers who were as passionate as Capezio to take on this challenge.

How do Capezio dance shoes fit in the world of dance?

The Capezio Dance Award was created in 1952 to honour those who make a long-standing and significant contribution to dance. This award occurs every year with the company having multiple categories for people, companies and locations, if they win, the award will be accompanied by international recognition and also prize money.

The Foundation was created to help promote and recognise ongoing achievements in the field of dance. Today, the Foundation continues to administer the awards program and operates a grant program for non-profit organisations.

What has Capezio been doing in today's age?

After nearly 130 years of dedicated innovation into the world of ballet shoes, Capezio continues to move the world forward in the dance industry. The brand has been breaking barriers in the world of ballet and has become an extremely famous brand for dancers due to their timeless design and superior innovation.

While the company strives to evolve in the dance and fashion category, it is the artists that push them to be their best whether its from dancers or non dancers alike. The brand will forever be a powerhouse in the world's dance industry and has mastered the architectural form of the modern design of ballet shoes.