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NIETOS - Winter boots - nero melange SUPER X TRAIL - Hiking shoes - blue/artico/stone WOMAN ZIP HOOD - Outdoor jacket - black TURAIS SHOES - Walking boots - grey ATLAS TRAIL - Trail running shoes - navy/mint/orange fluo RIGEL MID - Walking boots - grey Outdoor jacket - antracite RIGEL MID TREKKING - Walking boots - antracit/red fluo RIGEL WP - Walking shoes - grey/fuxia/ice Waterproof trousers - argento melange ATLAS WOMEN TRAIL - Hiking shoes - blue/cristal/peach fluo RIGEL WP - Walking shoes - wood magenta Fleece - black/blue SNAPS - Ski jacket - navy Waterproof trousers - navy Waterproof trousers - bitter Light jacket - rock TURAIS - Walking boots - grafite SUPER X WP - Hiking shoes - asphalt/peach fluo FIX HOOD - Winter jacket - denim ATLAS WOMEN TRAIL - Hiking shoes - grey RIGEL WP - Walking boots - blue/giada/peach SOFT NAOS TREKKING WP - Walking boots - asphalt FIX HOOD - Outdoor jacket - antracite/royal ATLAS WOMEN TRAIL - Hiking shoes - stone/red fluo/purple RIGEL MID TREKKING - Walking boots - artico/chili FIX HOOD - Soft shell jacket - royal/ambra RIGEL WP - Walking boots - multicolor SUPER X WOMEN TRAIL - Hiking shoes - nero FIX HOOD - Fleece - azzurro melange graffite FIX HOOD - Outdoor jacket - blue HANKI - Winter boots - nero FIX HOOD - Down jacket - clorophilla mel Waterproof trousers - bianco MAN HYBRID - Outdoor jacket - antracite/nero/river Fleece - antracite melange ZIP HOOD - Outdoor jacket - asphalt/lime green Waterproof trousers - pink fluo Fleece - azzurro/graffite/ferrari HANKI - Winter boots - nautico Winter jacket - magenta SNAPS - Ski jacket - antracite TRAIL - Long sleeved top - nero/pink fluo Waterproof trousers - lime green Light jacket - black blue RIGEL WP - Walking boots - grey/fuxia/ice ATLAS WOMEN TRAIL - Trail running shoes - nero/rasperry/acido FIX HYBRID - Waterproof jacket - antracite/curacao Light jacket - magenta FIX HOOD HYBRID - Fleece - antracite/river/lime green Fleece - ferrari/antracite/ambra SNAPS - Ski jacket - asphalt RIGEL MID TREKKING - Walking boots - teak/asphalt SNAPS - Ski jacket - magenta SNAPS - Ski jacket - magenta RIGEL WP - Walking shoes - artico/chili Jumper - navy Waterproof trousers - magenta FIX HOOD - Jumper - clorophilla mottled FIX - Ski jacket - edera

The CMP range expertly combines high-tech activewear designs with elegant styling. First created in northern Italy, this experienced brand has tried and tested its chic outerwear against the toughest elements to create a functional and modern line of sports clothing.

CMP: off the catwalk and on piste

This brand is used to moving mountains to bring you durability and style. Originating in the Alps, CMP has a 50-year history of precision and quality. Weatherproof and breathable materials work to protect the outdoor adventurer, and if it’ll keep explorers warm, it’s sure to keep the chill off in the morning coffee queue. Soft shell jackets and thermal fleeces keep out the wind on long bike rides, while hiking shoes provide grip and support when you have a mountain or two in your way. With a CMP kids' clothing range available, you can take the whole family. Muted colours give you a sophisticated ski look, or choose brights and prints so nobody will miss you carving up the pistes. Three layers of dense padding, fully-lined cuffed sleeves and drawstring waists promise to keep you cosy.

Look cool and stay cosy with CMP

Whether you like to hit the slopes or prefer the après ski (be honest), keep warm when the temperature drops in CMP’s padded coats filled with feathery down - a great addition to your suitcase when packing skiwear for your next adventure. The icy tones and earthy hues in the selection make these cushioned coats easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe for ultimate sports-luxe styling. Team skinny jeans with winter boots and a slouchy hat for a snug yet stylish look.

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