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Callaway – for style on the golf course

Stay true to your game and step onto the course with confidence in Callaway. With garments designed specially to suit the game, you can feel certain that these items will support you as you play. From base layers to keep you warm on cold days to short-sleeved shirts, shorts and dresses for summer days, this range of golfing wear has you covered.

Zalando’s range of Callaway golfing items has something for every style of player, no matter the weather. For summer games, choose a dress or collared shirt and tailored shorts. Bring fleeces or jumpers just in case the weather changes as you play, or for those evening and early morning rounds.

Calloway is practical as well as stylish. Shirts made with quick-drying material are perfect for those sunny days, allowing the moisture from your body to dry quickly. Don’t forget to pick up a Callaway cap to keep the sun off your face and head as you walk the course.

Callaway – designed for all levels of golfer

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing off scratch or if you have just started your love affair with the game; your outfit is important. A sleek Callaway outdoor jacket keeps out the wind and provides a sleek, professional appearance. A fitted waterproof is essential for any mid-course showers, keeping you warm and dry as you perfect your long game.

Go with an understated plain white or dark coloured golf shirt or make a statement with a slightly brighter, patterned look. For shorts, skorts and skirts, the same applies; choose to make a bold statement with a bright colour or pattern or find more subtle and neutral colours, depending on your style.

The Callaway selection, designed with state of the art technology for golfers, by golfers will ensure that you are comfortable both on the course and in the clubhouse. As the evenings get cooler, or for those who like to play early in the morning, pick up a wool jumper to keep out the cool air. These garments' light, durable nature will ensure that you keep warm.

Golfing clothes and accessories that will last

The enduring style of this range of clothing ensures that you will be able to add items to your wardrobe and stay on-trend. From your base layer right up to a lightly padded jacket to keep out the chill, the classic lines of these garments will stand the test of time.

Embrace the traditional structured golfing look with tailored trousers or shorts complete with back and side pockets to keep your scorecard and extra tees safe as you play. Step forward in time and choose a sports skort – also designed with practicality in mind as they have in-seam and seat pockets that will allow you to carry your scorecard with you.

Set yourself apart on the course and show your dedication to the game in clothing that has been specifically designed with golfers in mind. Callaway has stayed true to the traditional game of golf and brings the brand into the now with trendy designs that still embrace the technical quality of the gear.