Brooklyn Supply Co. - masterminds of premium denim designs. Based in the ultra-hip borough of Brooklyn in New York City, Brooklyn Supply Co. is in the perfect location for picking up the city's most vibrant looks. Translating these vibes into wearable, everyday fashion is what has made this fresh brand so popular in the urban streetwear market. For many people, jeans are the epitome of casual dress. From fitted to flared and boyfriend styles to shorts there are infinite possibilities for creating effortless looks, so it's no wonder that Brooklyn Supply Co. creates new designs and exciting collections every season without fail. The designers maintain a keen eye on attention to detail and ensuring that the quality of their garments never fails to impress, the Brooklyn Supply Co. women's clothing collection finds new ways to rework classic denim for hip designs and styles.

The perfect fit with Brooklyn Supply Co.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to designing jeans wear is the fit. With countless options, each one as stylish as the next, this collection of Brooklyn Supply Co. women's jeans is full of flattering fits in various shades of denim. Each pair of jeans is crafted from the softest of denim fabrics to ensure that comfort and style go in hand in hand when you choose Brooklyn Supply Co.. From deliberately relaxed styles to pair with pumps and vests for that spontaneous day trip, to tailored designs that can work with heels and a summer dress for a night on the town or trainers and a leather jacket - why not explore the collection of Brooklyn Supply Co. women's slim fit jeans today and see which style matches your unique taste. Brooklyn Supply Co. is available now at

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