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ALEXIA - Jeans Skinny Fit - mid blue denim CASSIE HERA - Tracksuit bottoms - green Jumper - black IVANA - Jumpsuit - black ELSA HOSK - Sweatshirt - yellow B&&B LILA - Blouse - black ELSA HOSK POLKADOT - Summer dress - navy ground ELSA HOSK - Cocktail dress / Party dress - black/white BERRY - Pencil skirt - black JP HIGHER ICON FREAKY - Jeans Skinny Fit - blue STAR - Hoodie - black RACHEL - Jumper - light grey MIA - Long sleeved top - off white HARPER - Blouse - light green BIKER - Trousers - black CHRISSY - A-line skirt - black STAR - Hoodie - off white JIMMY - Sweatshirt - powder BALANCE LIZZY - Leggings - black ELSA HOSK - Trousers - black ALEXIA - Jeans Skinny Fit - dark blue denim B&&B ALICE - Print T-shirt - white/pink ELSA HOSK PSCYCHO - Print T-shirt - red JUNIPER - Summer dress - off-white VIENNA - Jumper - pink ELSA HOSK ROSES - Cardigan - black ELSA HOSK - Jumpsuit - black BALANCE BA BRISA - Tracksuit top - black BIG BOOM - Bomber Jacket - burgundy B&&B - Pencil skirt - gray denim Sunglasses - yellow B&&B ALICE - Print T-shirt - white/black ELSA HOSK VEGAN - Trousers - black RACHEL - Jumper - black ELSA HOSK PATCHED - Slim fit jeans - blue ELLE - Long sleeved top - off white ZAHRA - Leggings - pink HOPE - Jumper - asphalt ELSA HOSK ONE SLEEVE - Blouse - black NINA - Jumper - dusty rose ELSA HOSK FRENCH FRIES - Long sleeved top - black GOLDIE - Shorts - steel ELSA HOSK - Vest - wine ELSA HOSK - A-line skirt - black PIA - Blouse - purple CHRISSY - Mini skirt - dusty pink ELSA HOSK FRENCH FRIES - Long sleeved top - red AUDREY - Blouse - black LOUI - Jumper - light pink SALVIE - Jersey dress - black DENNIS - Sweatshirt - black RACHEL - Jumper - pink JIMMY - Sweatshirt - off white WAVE - Summer dress - black ANGLAIS - Blouse - white DEBBIE - Jeans Skinny Fit - blue denim FOXY - Blouse - purple KAJA - Chinos - powder ANEMONE - Blouse - white ROSETTANI - Blouse - dusty pink

Inspired by a blend of Scandinavian street style and catwalk high fashion, Bik Bok is the go-to brand for anyone with a love for the very latest trends. Set up by two Norwegians in 1973, this vibrant label began its life as a jean brand for young girls, but it was soon shaking up the ready to wear wardrobes of many style conscious Scandinavians. Today Bik Bok offers fast fashion, producing the very latest trends with an international feel, but still staying true to their elegant roots. Whether you want a twist on a staple pair of jeans or an everyday top, or you're looking for a statement piece to cement your own personal style, Bik Bok is the brand that is sure to continually surprise you with its ever changing designs.

Keep ahead of the trends with Bik Bok in your wardrobe

With Bik Bok's stylish interpretations of the classics, you can take a confident fashion forward leap into next season. Layering is set to remain a favourite for the seasons ahead, and this collection will give you plenty of layers to choose from. Create an elegant off-duty look with a collared Bik Bok blouse worn under a fine knit sweatshirt, paired with jeans. Keep it casual with a pair of ballet flats, or dress it up for the evening with some shoe boots. Show you know your trends and look to exaggerated high necks for a modern take on office wear. Pair a Bik Bok high-necked top or polo neck with a wide legged pair of Bik Bok women's trousers for a feminine and classy take on tailoring. Your inner girly girl will sing in the sunshine in a summery design from the collection of Bik Bok dresses. Go for a paisley print to keep it 70s inspired, or a floral fabric for a more modern feel.

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