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Founded in Italy from humble beginnings, Benetton has evolved to become one of the most popular and even controversial brands of casual clothing for men, women and children. With a concept that looks beyond geographical and political divisions, Benetton uses colour to celebrate life and diversity, as well as innovative production methods which support the brand's commitment to progress, equal opportunities and globalisation.

Benetton - Brighten up every wardrobe

Boost your casual attire with the spectrum of clothing that Benetton offers men and women. Benetton women's jumpers and cardigans are a great match for jeans, so choose an eye-catching pattern or bold colour and balance with denims and biker boots. Alternatively, stick to neutral tones and classic shapes that can be easily changed up with Benetton accessories like multi-coloured scarves and detailed bags.

Bring colour and life to casual looks with Benetton

Benetton kids jumpers and knitwear are characterised by their gorgeous textures, statement motifs and unique patterns that appeal to all ages. Choose a cosy knitted jumper or a striking printed tee from this selection of Benetton kids shirts and tops for a versatile design that will liven up any child's wardrobe.

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A unique explosion of colour and quality with Benetton

One of Italy’s most famous ready-to-wear brands of all time, the iconic and striking looks of the Benetton catalogue have been etched in our hearts forever since its explosion into the fashion world in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Although founded decades before by the four brothers Benetton, it wasn’t until the brand sought to explore stark and titillatingly controversial advertising campaigns to promote their high-quality casual attire that the world stood in awe of this visionary label. What followed saw them emerge effortlessly ahead of the trend curve by capturing a young and awakened audience that longed for conscious trend leaders.

The Benetton style has always represented freedom, authentic individuality and a strong love of the bold. Using colour as a way to speak to the like-minded fashionistas, the brand combines classic cuts and refined lines with stark contrasts that makes each garment or footwear item a work of art. By keeping their production high-end in terms of craftmanship, they effortlessly pull in lovers of more refined and sophisticated fashion and present strong silhouettes that speak volumes. As a label they have always tackled the fashion world with a 360-degree approach and created items for men, women and kids that see loyalists being dressed head-to-toe in Benetton threads.

A futuristic approach to fashion with Benetton

Whether you are approaching your day from a casual perspective or want a more put-together outfit for the office, Benetton has your fashion needs sorted. Famous for their knitwear, Benetton pull-overs and cardigans have stood the test of time and created some iconic statements with the simplest of looks. A famously stark logo, Benetton’s use of typography on their clothing has made for a popular line of classic items such as hoodies, tracksuit tops and tees. The simplified avatar logo has replaced much of the classic logo and lends a strong stamp on clothing that ranges from active wear to sneakers and everything in between.

The women’s line of Benetton is perhaps even more versatile in selection than ever before, offering garments that seamlessly step into more formal spotlights too. Explore the wide selection of skirts, dresses, smart trousers and blouses that step up your corporate game or have you feeling utterly gorgeous on date night. When the weather turns cold, Benetton is known to turn up the heat with padded or denim jackets, smart coats and a host of other winter attire to keep you snug whilst still racking up the style points. Accessories for every occasion can be found, including bum bags, scarves, belts, hats, wallets and more. When it’s time to pack for a holiday, trust that Benetton has a stylish and high-quality swimsuit and pair of sliders to get you soaking up the sun the right way.

Fashion with a nod towards planetary growth

With such a solid stance of world improvement, Benetton has always walked its talk with regards to a commitment towards progress, including equal opportunities in the workplace. The brand also favours organic and sustainable cotton in its manufacturing process, with an aim to keep the carbon footprint low. As one of the larger clothing brands globally, their commitment to inclusion still rides as high today as it did when it first launched it’s ‘all the colours’ campaigns. Knowing your clothing of choice comes from a thought-steering, innovative and compassionate core, as well as being a fierce trend-leader, goes a long way when committing to a brand and Benetton remain true leaders in their fashion quest. So step into a world of colour and chic Italian style with Benetton by your side.