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Ben Sherman is a legendary British brand whose 50 years of fashion history is crafted into every piece from Ben Sherman Tailoring produced today. An innovator and an artist, the founder Ben Sherman took his inspiration from the United States and then added his own unique twist. From his base in Brighton, he produced the first Ben Sherman Tailoring men's shirts using American fabrics. They were, as they still are today, sharply cut, with button-down collars and what became signature details, a back hook and a button at the back of the collar. Right from the start, colours were bright, a bold step in the conservative world of 1960s menswear. Ben Sherman Tailoring men's clothing has had a huge impact, adopted by successive waves of youth culture, from teddy boys to mods, from Britpop to today's hip trend-setters.

Ben Sherman Tailoring offers iconic choices for a unique British style

Today's range from Ben Sherman Tailoring takes the ethos of this legendary brand a step further, while remaining true to the great man's vision. Fabrics are always top-class while the tailoring is always sharp and instantly recognisable as Ben Sherman. Each piece in the Ben Sherman Tailoring men's suits & ties collection features key Ben Sherman detailing, whether it's on the seams of a jacket pocket, in narrow-cut lapels or with distinctive buttons. The classic Ben Sherman shirts retain all of the elements of the originals, and they've become enduring signature items of this label. As you browse the full range from Ben Sherman Tailoring here at the Zalando online boutique, you'll see one man's idea transformed into a collection of true British classics that are essential for every discerning man's wardrobe.

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