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Step off the beaten track with Ben Sherman

Whether you're looking to smarten up with a touch of class or find your own bold, authoritative style, you can't do much better than British all-time great, Ben Sherman. It's time to revisit your wardrobe staples and transform your look with some cool new pieces.

Iconic classics to suit your mood

Embrace sophisticated British styling. The brand's ranges have everything you need to put together a classic look that's 100% you. Start with an Oxford shirt, something in a rich, dark colour, or maybe a gingham pattern. A graphic tee will give you a more casual vibe. We love a polo, as it strikes the perfect balance between style and smartness. Pair your choice with dark chinos and you can't go wrong, wherever you're heading. Finish with a zip-through top or bomber jacket to keep your silhouette sleek.

Shoes always tie any outfit together. Pull on a pair of classic lace-ups in tobacco brown for a night on the town. In summer, slip-ons are what's called for. Either selection matches shorts or turned-up chinos. We love to go with black for really smart occasions. The renowned branding works perfectly with a whole host of looks throughout the year. 

The distinctive target emblem of the RAF, adopted by the Mods, is one of Ben Sherman's signature motifs. True to the label's firmly British roots, it's a brand statement – pure and simple. 

Trust in the heritage; make it your own

Choosing Ben Sherman's distinctive, high-quality clothing doesn't mean giving up your own unique look when you update your wardrobe. The line has a ton of pieces, so use your creativity to combine them with old favourites for a look all your own. Bring individual flair to your style without ever letting go of the heritage that makes the brand special. Plus, Ben Sherman gear is made to last, so these new additions can remain your go-to items for years to come. 

A patterned crew-neck jumper can really stand out on colder days, and it pairs perfectly with faded jeans or jogging bottoms for more laid-back, day-to-day wear. A jacket with bright block colours makes a striking centrepiece for any outfit, drawing the eye and ensuring you cut a strong figure. Same rules apply to a tee when the temperature's a bit warmer – the possibilities are endless.