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HIRA - Scarf - pink yarrow PARADIS - Clutch - orchid pink KURO - Scarf - classic navy FINE SUMMER - Scarf - grey SOLID ILONA - Scarf - lilac snow TENNIE - Scarf - multi color Clutch - grün GRANNY - Wallet - navy blue MANA - Tote bag - nutmeg white SOLID ILONA - Scarf - nude shadow MAKENA - Scarf - bayberry PARADI - Clutch - black Scarf - lilac/snow FAN - Scarf - classic navy PUNTOS - Scarf - beech CRYSTAL - Scarf - lilac CRYSTAL - Scarf - blue SLIMMY HIRA - Scarf - black ELEANOR - Scarf - rumba red SOLID ILONA - Scarf - calypso coral Wallet - rosa PARADIS - Clutch - blue radiance AILANI - Scarf - fiery red Clutch - winetasting GINIA - Scarf - legion blue FAN - Scarf - fiery red MONEY FOR NOTHING - Wallet - black GERALDINE - Scarf - atmosphere Handbag - black NOVA - Scarf - plum IMELDA - Scarf - medieval blue Handbag - black EWA - Across body bag - sudan brown MICHELIA - Scarf - classic navy MOOR - Scarf - allure SUKEY - Scarf - burnish liliac MAMO - Clutch - nutmeg/white NOVA - Scarf - classic navy HAWA - Scarf - classic navy SOPHIA - Scarf - amaranth purple MAKENA - Scarf - medieval blue ELEANOR - Scarf - plantation CRYSTAL - Scarf - light grey melange LORINA - Scarf - blue topaz WONDERLAND - Scarf - beech EWA - Across body bag - black CAME MANSION - Tote bag - black AIEA - Hair Styling Accessory - orchid pink MICHELIA - Scarf - pink yarrow ELEANOR - Scarf - black LAKA - Scarf - beach glass SIA MANSION - Tote bag - golden yellow MILL - Scarf - nutmeg white RILEY METALLIC - Bum bag - classic navy HIRA - Scarf - black RELLANA METALLIC - Tote bag - classic navy PARADI - Clutch - pink BROMA - Across body bag - black JUNGLE NIGHT - Scarf - multi coloured PEROMIA - Scarf - white

The designs of Becksöndergaard accessories have an unmistakable Scandinavian feel about them. Delicate hand-drawn prints are the label's signature, used to great effect on bags, phone cases, scarves and shawls.

Lift an outfit with a Becksöndergaard accessory

The Danish label Becksöndergaard grew out of the passion Lis Beck and Anna Søndergaard share for accessories. Their designs lift an outfit while giving it a personal touch. Becksöndergaard scarves feature luxurious fabrics in go-with-anything neutrals mixed in with delicate prints and the season's shades. Try toning fringed woollen scarves with jumpers and coats and then add a flash of colour with your gloves. This smart look has a dose of personality that works for office commutes or cold evenings out. Silk mix scarves in unique prints are light enough for any season. Wind them around your neck and tuck into the collar of women's shirts or open them out and wear as light shawls on breezy summer evenings.

Becksöndergaard - classic pieces with a party spirit

Becksöndergaard bags, phone cases and purses are finished with strong colours and prints or covered in sequins and beads. Carry everything you need for work in slouchy tote bags that are also large enough for trips to the gym or weekends away. Totes covered in bold stars brighten up jeans and plain T-shirts while subtle geometric prints offset your office neutrals. Dainty clutch bags in antique shades are ready for the party season while bead covered bags on chains sit neatly across evening dresses. They leave your hands free to deal with cocktails and canapés while networking at those office get-togethers.

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