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No mysterious or obscure brand name here, Barts is quite simply named after it’s founder, Bart, who began his company selling handmade swimwear to the glitterati of St Tropez back in ’86. It’s now a global label specialising in hats and scarves, though the loving attention to detail and quirky spirit remains just the same.

Chunky knits from Barts

The pieces in this range from Barts run from thick and thin cable knits to ribbed, crochet and braided styles. For hats, choose between long slouchy beanies or close-fitting shapes. To bobble or not to bobble? We say go for it, and while you’re at it, add a striped or patterned wool jumper for good measure. Look out for scarfs and hats in a spectrum of shades, ranging from warm autumnal hues to cool tones. Some patterns are structured, with clearly defined stripes - definitely not too much as a match for a Breton top when piste-side sun basking, or in a rustic style with flecked colouring. For really chilly days, you’ll need some thick woolly socks to go with your Barts hat and scarf.

Quirky accessories from Barts

When it comes to winter hats, it’s all about embracing a bit of silliness: rules rightly go out of the window for this brand. The designers at Barts have had fun with the character faces stitched into its hats - team with a logo T-shirt to keep up the light-hearted vibe. Balaclavas are great for extreme sports (or just extreme weather in Britain) and may even be tempting to wear at a cocktail party when you’re having an extremely off day. If you know any little ones who are enthusiastic snowball throwers, kit them out with padded, water-resistant mittens to keep their fingers cosy. Keep an eye out for the Barts logo across the collection, subtly written on classic brown leather strips or emblazoned in graphic typeface.

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