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Catalogue from Banana Moon


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CHAZ VOILNAIROB - Beach accessory - indigo TAKA MOGOTES - Bikini bottoms - blanc SALAYA PEARLY - Bikini bottoms - perle PHYSIC TEAM - Swimsuit - marine MARI - Bikini bottoms - noir STEF - Beach accessory - noir MEOW HUAWEI - Bikini bottoms - kaki BORAGE - Swimsuit - ra blu Bikini top - denim MARI - Bikini bottoms - denim ZAMO IRIZE - Bikini top - minuit MANYA PULCANA - Bikini bottoms - noir TAPIOKA - Bikini bottoms - cassis KETTELA HUAWEI - Beach accessory - kaki ANGLIO - Bikini top - cassis WHY CARDIO - Bikini bottoms - blanc NATOLL - Bikini top - perle BART WESTCOAST - Bikini bottoms - blanc MANA MINDANAO - Bikini bottoms - gitane ZAMO IRIZE - Bikini top - perle MODA IRIZE - Bikini bottoms - minuit MONA - Bikini bottoms - cassis ANGLIO - Bikini top - maasai NATOLL - Bikini top - cassis SALAYA BIPEARL - Bikini bottoms - cassis ANGLIO - Bikini top - ra blu TAPIOKA - Bikini bottoms - maasai TAPIOKA - Bikini bottoms - ra blu ANGLIO - Bikini top - anthracite TAPIOKA - Bikini bottoms - anthracite SALAYA PEARLY - Bikini bottoms - cassis SALAYA PEARLY - Bikini bottoms - mordore SHOPPY - Bikini top - mordore SHOPPY - Bikini top - argent SHOPPY - Bikini top - cassis SHOPPY - Bikini top - perle MONA - Bikini bottoms - argent MONA BIPEARL - Bikini bottoms - cassis NATOLL - Bikini top - argent BORAGE - Swimsuit - cassis FADO BIPEARL - Bikini top - cassis NAPALI NAIROBI - Swimsuit - indigo MELTO COLORSUN - Bikini top - blanc GLEE KINGSWAY - Beach accessory - noir KATSYA KINGSWAY - Beach accessory - noir AMYA SUNFIT - Bikini bottoms - rouge CUXA NINABELL - Bikini bottoms - bouteille WILA NAIROBI - Bikini bottoms - indigo INSLO SUNFIT - Bikini top - gitane JULIO - Bikini top - jaune LAIS - Bikini bottoms - jaune ARIO - Bikini top - gitane BASTA RACER - Bikini bottoms - gitane TAVA LALOHA - Bikini bottoms - rose LALOHA - Bikini top - rose PHYSIC TEAM - Swimsuit - bleu BANGA HALEMA - Bikini bottoms - marine stereo/sunlake BELAIR SOCALY - Swimsuit - kaki BELAIR SOCALY - Swimsuit - noir DORA ISCOLOR - Bikini bottoms - menthe silke

Inspired by sunny California, the destination with the ultimate beach vibe, Banana Moon swimwear ranges from the bold and colourful to the feminine and floral. With styles and fits to suit every women, choose from tribal print, polka dot and graphic print as well as chic block colours.

Banana Moon - Stylish Swimwear with Claifornian flair

Launched in 1984 as a collaboration between Daniel and Veronique Flachaire and French designer Nat Maori, Banana Moon continues to provide stylish, flattering and striking bikinis and swimsuits. Finding flattering and individual bikini designs for your next summer holiday couldn't be easier with Banana Moon. Whether you're planning on spending a week tanning on the beach, lounging with a good book by the pool or getting active doing water sports, the brand's versatile selection of swimwear is both comfortable, practical and fashionable. Mixing classic designs with more contemporary twists,Banana Moon looks and feels great on every body shape.

A Great Excuse for a Holiday with Banana Moon

Having a few great bikinis in your wardrobe is all you need to get the summer off to a good start. If you're jetting off somewhere exotic, it'll form part of your everyday look, and if your staying home you'll need a functional and stylish bikini for those brief moments of sunbathing in the garden. When you're not in the sun though, Banana Moon swimwear looks great with a beach cover up - don't forget to team your look with a chic straw hat and some classic round sunglasses.

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