Baldessarini is a sub brand of the highly celebrated and respected fashion brand, Hugo Boss. Named after its creator and creative director, Werner Baldessarini, the brand was founded in 1993. Endorsed and advertised by celebrities the world over, perhaps one of the most famous taglines in the history of men's fashion has emerged from the creative department at Baldessarini: "Separates The Men From The Boys". This sums up what this label sets out to do, and indeed achieves, as their collection of luxury garments is for the fashion conscious, independent man. Baldessarini for men produces everything from fragrance to belts, jumpers and jackets to shirts and trousers!

Baldessarini - luxury fashion for men!

The design team at Baldessarini collaborate on new and exciting collections season after season, creating luxury fashion garments with the modern, successful and confident man in mind. The Baldessarini name is synonymous with flawless fashion, great attention to detail and high quality; as part of the Hugo Boss group the brand prides itself on only using the very finest fabrics. The collection featured on delights with its range of knitwear, making the perfect fashion choice for the casual city dweller this season. With lots of other Baldessarini products to choose from, such as jeans, jackets and shirts, won't disappoint! What's more when you order online at, our quick and free delivery service means that your new purchase from Baldessarini will be delivered directly to your door! What's more operates a free 100 day returns policy. If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to call our free hotline on 0203 059 8139 and chat to our friendly customer service team, who will be only too happy to help! Baldessarini now on!