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    Think Orelia women's jewellery, and the words that leap to mind are vintage elegance and modern refinement. Delicately pretty and gracefully understated, they're just the thing if you're on the hunt for a few low key bangles and bracelets for a smart casual look, or a pair of earrings that won't distract from a killer party frock, or if you want to add the teensiest bit of glitz to your office wardrobe. And rest assured, thanks to their use of semi precious stones, Swarovski crystals, beads and various shades of pale and rose gold, Orelia women's jewellery have just the right amount of bling to brighten up most outfits, but without drawing too much attention to themselves.

    The discreet charm of Orelia women's jewellery

    Adding one or two pieces of Orelia women's jewellery is a great way of dressing up simple separates for an everyday look with just a suggestion of girliness. For example, you could make your favourite T-shirt and jeans combo that little bit more special with a long pendant, or pair a script necklace with a strappy top. Likewise, a thin crystal bracelet poking out from the cuff of a faded denim jacket can create an attractive high-low contrast that's bang on-trend. Alternatively, stack bracelets and wear a mixture of long and short necklaces for a look that's more richly layered.

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