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CHEYNE MATCHING TEARDROP SET - Earrings - gold-coloured HELIX - Necklace - gold-coloured BALL - Earrings - gold-coloured VINTAGE GLITZ - Necklace - rosegold-coloured COIN CHAIN - Bracelet - gold-coloured SET - Watch - rose gold-coloured Watch - rosegold-coloured Watch - rose gold-coloured SWALLOW - Bracelet - gold-coloured Ring - roségold-coloured SIGNATUR - Watch - blau LARGE FINE HUNG HOOP EARRING - Earrings - gold-coloured FATA - Earrings - gold-coloured PACIFIC - Necklace - gold-coloured ALLUSION - Watch - roségold-coloured FASHION - Bracelet - rose gold-coloured BRILLIANCE - Ring - gold-coloured PCVANESSA - Earrings - gold-coloured SOHO - Watch - rosegold-coloured LOGO - Bracelet - gold-coloured Watch - rosegold-coloured black ONLVILMA 2 PACK EARRING - Earrings - gold-coloured LOGO - Necklace - gold-coloured NEW MOCHA DIAL LIGHT FREE - Watch - rosegold-coloured ELVINA MINI BUTTON - Necklace - rose gold-coloured/baby pink Watch - gold-coloured/silver MEDIUM TIME TELLER - Watch - gold-coloured/black SEA GLASS - Earrings - roségold-coloured VINTAGE GLITZ - Ring - gold-coloured ANITA - Watch - rosegold-coloured ICONIC - Earrings - roségold-coloured PCVENICE TASSEL EARRINGS - Earrings - gold-coloured/sky gray Watch - rose gold-coloured Bracelet - gold-coloured EAR CLIMBER STUD - Earrings - pale gold-coloured Necklace - gold-coloured SPHERE CHARM - Bracelet - gold-coloured ONLBIBS STAR CHAIN 2 PACK - Necklace - gold-coloured ESSER PENDANT - Necklace - gold-coloured LAMASCOLO - Earrings - metallic miscellaneous TUSK STUD - Earrings - gold-coloured DOUBLE TRIANGLE LARIAT NECKLACE - Necklace - gold-coloured Watch - gold-coloured CHAINMAIL - Earrings - gold-coloured HORIZONS - Watch - rose gold-coloured SINAA - Earrings - rosé gold-coloured/pearl VMLION EARRING 2 PACK - Earrings - gold-coloured BRILLIANCE - Bracelet - gold-coloured ONLVIKKI - Earrings - gold-coloured/deep teal SOHO - Watch - roségold-coloured Watch - rose gold-coloured BULLET - Watch - rose gold-coloured/black Watch - rose gold-coloured SCALLOP TRACKER - Bracelet - rose gold-coloured ONLLEA STATEMENT - Earrings - gold-coloured Ring - gold-coloured JARYN - Watch - rose gold-coloured PAW - Earrings - gold-coloured SINAA - Earrings - rose gold-coloured CLEMINA HINGE BANGLE - Necklace - rose gold-coloured

Gold is the metal of kings and the king of metals. As one of the most valuable substances on Earth, gold has long held connotations of excellence, power and wealth. Shining like the sun that gives us life, this beautiful substance evokes feelings of positivity and joy. After all, we all know that gold means best, first place, the cream of the crop. Here at Zalando we have a fantastic range of women's gold jewellery from dozens of divine designers, just waiting to add some gleaming glamour to your wardrobe. If you're after radiant accessories on a budget, we have a fantastic selection of gold-coloured jewellery in our online shop. Or, if you really want to treat yourself (or a loved one!), why not have a look through our selection of gold-plated jewellery? Pretty and precious, it's the perfect way to indulge yourself!

Gold jewellery: luxury incarnate!

Every girl deserves to have some gorgeous gold jewellery to make her feel like a princess. Here at we have a wide variety of exquisite pieces crafted out of this lovely metal, from a myriad of brilliant brands. Whether you're a traditionalist who's after the classic simplicity of a dainty pendant, or you're a trend-setter who loves everything that's edgy and fashion-forward, we're sure to have something to tickle your fancy. From ravishing rings to natty necklaces, elegant earring to wonderful watches, whatever you're looking for, it couldn't be easier to get your hands on it! Beautiful accessories are just a few clicks away, so usher in a new golden age of stunning style and discover gold jewellery at the Zalando Online Shop today!

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