Stylish contemporary jewellery from Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu has built a solid reputation in the jewellery business for stacking, piercing and styling. The brand celebrates individuality, creating pieces that you can mix and match, wearing with casual and formal outfits.

This is a consumer-friendly brand with a personal touch. Their earrings are carefully designed to be worn by everyone – even the most sophisticated pieces fit easily in tender lobes.

Astrid & Miyu firmly promotes an ethos of empowering communities and spreading diversity, by creating inspiring pieces that encourage freedom of self-expression. The result is innovative jewellery with a classic touch, from a brand first launched online from Notting Hill.

Express your individuality with Astrid & Miyu

On Zalando, you’ll find simple and elegant pieces from Astrid & Miyu. Ear cuffs and ear hoops are popular favourites. They come in a range of sizes, designed to be worn anywhere on your ears.

If you prefer plain-looking yet finely crafted earrings, you can buy ear cuffs made from highly polished brass, with crystal inlays. They have an appealing silvery-bronze sheen, highlighted by sparkles.

You can also get large or small hoop earrings, once again made from brass, with a highly polished rhodium-plated finish. They’re subtle but instantly noticeable with their mirror-like sheen.

Simple yet finely crafted jewellery pieces

Some Astrid & Miyu pieces are a bit more elaborate while still retaining their distinctively simple look. It’s a delicate balance that the brand manages to accomplish time and again, producing recognisable pieces without being flashy.

A great example of this is the detailing you’ll find on some of the ear cuffs. These combine tiny crystals into intricate patterns, set in rhodium-plated brass. They come in one convenient size that you can easily clip onto your ear.

If you’re looking for contemporary jewellery that quietly celebrates individual style, Astrid & Miyu is the brand for you. Have a look on Zalando.