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If you like your styling with an urban edge, you need to know about Antony Morato. This youthful label blends traditional Italian craftsmanship with a trend-led outlook, resulting in slick clothing for the modern, style-savvy gent.

Master high-low styling with Anthony Morato pieces

Even if you don’t live in a city, you’ll likely still appreciate the urban sensibilities of our Antony Morato edit. Master street style by giving a polished outfit an offbeat twist - the easiest way to do this is to incorporate a relaxed piece from the Antony Morato range into an otherwise refined ensemble. Need some inspiration? Try wearing smart suit trousers with a pair of the brand’s trainers, or combine Morato’s distressed denim with a smart top like a polo shirt (for greater impact, button it up all the way to the top). Adding elegant accessories to the mix - think a smart leather belt or a utilitarian leather backpack - will exude personality when offset against some of the laid-back pieces from this collection.

Smarten up, Italian-style, in Antony Morato

Antony Morato isn’t a one-trick pony: as well as showcasing sublime streetwear, the brand also creates smart suits that make safe evening wear choices. Unleash your inner Italian stallion by donning one of the brand’s suits or, for slightly more low-key occasions, pick out one of its tailored jackets and team it with your favourite jeans. Antony Morato’s signature silhouette is sleek and streamlined, so pick out your denim accordingly for the most powerful sartorial punch. On days when you’re not sure which way the weather will turn, consider carrying one of the brand’s knits with you. The Italian-designed knitwear uses fine fabrics that are airy enough not to weigh you down, yet cosy enough to keep you warm when you need it.

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