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Fancy a change from white and beige? Consider giving khaki a try. Khaki accessories are a worthy addition to your wardrobe, whether you’re devoted to black clothes and looking to add a subtle flash of colour, or you’re searching for an accessory that will withstand all seasons.

Khaki accessories: ideal warm weather companions

Forget what you’ve been told about hot weather dressing: bright colours aren’t essential. Even if you’ve stuffed your suitcase with swimwear in saturated shades, think of cool-toned olive as an offbeat alternative to other timeless neutrals. Instead of reaching for black sunglasses next time the sun’s out, why not try shaking things up by opting for a pair with khaki frames? And step away from white and grey by packing outdoor-appropriate accessories in khaki, like smart baseball caps, in your travel bag. You could even give your luggage an upgrade by picking out a sleek, roomy rucksack or weekend bag in an olive hue; you’ll look safari-ready (even if you’re not jetting off anywhere as exotic).

Finish off your evening look with khaki accessories

When you’re pushed for time, it can be challenging trying to piece together an evening outfit and find accessories to match. Try a khaki accessory or two next time you’re in a rush. The colour’s so subtle that it’s practically a neutral, so you can pile it on without running the risk of appearing as if you’ve tried too hard. Wear a dark top and some leather trousers with accessories in khaki, like an eye-catching piece of jewellery, for a fuss-free night-time look. Depending on where you’re heading, polish off your outfit with some smart black boots, or choose trainers for a sports-luxe twist.

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