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The best thing about blue accessories is that they suit many different styles. Whether you want to feel preppy in navy or prefer wearing soft, pastel shades of this versatile colour, you’ll be able to find your ‘something blue’ within this edit.

Dark blue accessories transcend seasonal changes

Navy blue is all you need to channel charming, all-American preppy style. Make like you’re fresh from the Ivy League by wearing oversized blue-framed sunglasses with a navy blazer, slacks and moccasins. Accessories in blue are timeless and serve as safe investment pieces. You can easily treat yourself to a sleek navy blue bag because it will never fall out of favour; it’s flexible enough to take you everywhere from job interviews to garden parties to catch-up drinks with friends. If you’re feeling particularly savvy, pick out one with a smooth texture, like glossy patent leather, so it’s easier to care for. When you’re indulging in a blue accessory that you plan to use season after season, it may need polishing up every so often.

Minimalist or maximalist? Make blue accessories work for you

If you like taking risks with your style, you’ll love these bold blue accessories. Double denim is only a fashion faux pas if you don’t wear it with the right amount of swagger, so make like your favourite fearless fashion bloggers and pile on the blue stuff. Wear a denim shirt and jeans - or a denim dress (if you’re not ready to go full on head to toe) - and then slip on one of these accessories in blue to complete the look. Not feeling it? Become a master of Scandi style (and the art of layering) by swooping a delicate blue scarf over a grey jumper, black jeans and, if it’s chilly enough, a long navy blue coat.

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