SHINY - Long sleeved top - black ZURIA - Cocktail dress / Party dress - black ISOLA - Cardigan - hazelnut LORENA - Cardigan - darklavender FAISSY - Blouse - bleached air TAILOR TEN - Blouse - bleached air wash VAYEN - Summer dress - lizard green LISLE - Sweatshirt - rocking grey JADEY - Long sleeved top - lavender SARENE - Trousers - sand RANIA RAY - Long sleeved top - steel blue SABIRA - Jumper - black JADEY - Long sleeved top - sand SIELLA - Print T-shirt - black Pencil skirt - terracota SALLY - Jumper - les blancs VURA - Summer dress - tangerine VELVY - Cardigan - black CHARRO - Print T-shirt - les blancs PARENE - Trousers - dark navy LIMAS - Print T-shirt - grey MARCIA MOH - Jumper - ochre FLORE BUBBLE - Jumpsuit - black FAIME - Summer dress - tango red ZEFINA - Maxi dress - black BIMBA - Bomber Jacket - copper PALEY - Blouse - heaven blue BONAMY - Bomber Jacket - black JAIMIN RAY - Long sleeved top - tango red PALI - Jumpsuit - black ZEFINA - Maxi dress - tangerine PARNELLA - Faux leather jacket - black WYO LYO - Trousers - rocking grey PARIEN PES - Chinos - pink fuchsia FOXY PAN - Winter coat - khaki SABYLA STRIPES - Blouse - pink fuchsia VILNESS VIS - Jumper - off-white PEDDY - Trousers - tango red Shift dress - tango red Leggings - lizard green VERE VIS - Jumper dress - sand ALISSA - Jumper - rose champagne STEPH - Dress - green kiwi LYLA - Pencil skirt - black SABIRA RAY - Long sleeved top - black PHILIPA - Shirt - crispy white VERNON - Long sleeved top - sand BELMONT - Summer dress - black SUNNY - Long sleeved top - black WIDO MEL - Blouse - les blancs EDEN - Summer dress - poppy SOMA - Summer dress - steel blue KEE - Print T-shirt - nude rose Jumper - beige PALI - Jumpsuit - tangerine VITA VIS - Jumper - black ILAYA BUTTERFLY - Blouse - white ELYN - Blazer - les blancs DYLENE - Cardigan - dark navy TESSY - Shirt - bleached air wash

Aaiko is the cultural brand that stands for an international success story. Founded in 2005, designer Pauline Brakenhoff set out to create a range of clothing that fused commercialism and creativity, a range that would appeal to absolutely anyone's taste. The character and philosophy of the brand is based on contemporary and modest designs, and each piece can either be worn on the streets or on the catwalk. The name of the brand is derived from the old Germanic word for 'tough' and the Japanese word for 'beloved', and although the two words contradict each other, the essence of each is present within every single item in this range of Aaiko women's clothing. Pauline and her company are particularly passionate about encompassing the style of and appealing to the Japanese, a fashion market that is always on point and on trend, so get the look that will get you noticed with Aaiko right here at

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This beautiful brand aims to learn from and to connect with their customers, and with such a wide range of stunning clothing on offer, you won't be able to help falling for this kooky company and their clothes. The make aims for its women to be social sweethearts as well as to be independent and driven, and with such a huge selection of clothing, including Aaiko jumpers, cardigans, dresses and blouses, you are sure to embrace the strength and charisma that this brand aims to exude. With a diverse selection of clothing in bright and bold colours, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect jumper, top or pair of jeans for you, and in a range of unique and flattering designs you can rely on this brand to keep you looking individual yet on trend at all times, so invest in Aaiko today at

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