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All About Zalando

A Zalando Logo's Journey

Ever wondered why our logo looks the way it does? Well, this short stop-motion animation should give you an idea.

Our Social Media team have got creative and put together this little stop-motion video that tells the story of how the idea for our logo originated.

This imaginative video shows how the orange triangle came about with the imprint of a stiletto heel in mind, and it’s that stiletto imprint that has become the symbol of Zalando and is lovingly stamped on to every package we send out.

The video features hundreds of freeze frame pictures put together to create a lovely animation that flutters through each frame with the backing of a guitar song. The imprint of a stiletto heel gets lost in the wind and finds its way into the beak of a passing bird, and eventually ends up on a parcel awaiting delivery. Take a look for yourself!

Zalando stocks a huge variety of high-heeled shoes and stilettos, from high-street brands to high-end designer labels so click on one of the links below to start your Zalando journey.