French brand 3 Pommes is a world leader in children's clothing, with a history of creating innovative and affordable clothing that dates back to the 1970s. Featuring designs for kids ranging from 0 to 12 years, this collection will see your little one through a significant part of their journey into adulthood.

3 Pommes: helping your offspring feel comfortable

The range by 3 Pommes is characterised by the brand’s desire to help your kids grow up - but not too quickly. Its styles have a timeless feel to them while still keeping a finger on the pulse of fashion. A fun colour palette, striking patterns and utilitarian shapes are hallmarks of the label's collection. The line for newborns features an adorable array of nighttime onesies and sweet daywear - add some baby shoes or baby trainers to finish off the look (and to get your little one exploring the world). The selection for toddlers and older kids focuses on cute motifs and easy-to-wear silhouettes, so they can find their feet in comfort and style.

3 Pommes: clothing for your kid to live in

From their very first smile to their pre-teen escapades, clothes for kids by 3 Pommes are designed to be with them every step of the way. The brand creates pieces children can enjoy, which will help them find their own personal style without restricting their playful, carefree attitude. Whether they’re dressing up for a party in pretty skirts or smart shirts, or hanging out with friends in a casual outfit, the 3 Pommes collection lets your little one discover clothes on their own terms. When baby grows are no longer the order of the day, put them in sweet tops and sporty jackets from this label teamed with a pair of jeans.

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