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11 DEGREES ahead of the rest of the pack

11 DEGREES is all about totally fresh, urban-inspired fashion. The company's mission statement is to make you feel strong, cool, confident and in control. Whether it's bold, brazen T-shirt designs or jeans that fit like none you've ever worn before, prepare to transform both your outfit and yourself.

Build your outfit from the ground up with stylish legwear

We’re completely in love with 11 DEGREES skinny jeans. The fit is flattering and trendy, making the silhouette slender and attractive at the leg, and emphasising the shoulders and chest by contrast. They're designed for extra comfort; the cotton is blended with elastane so it stretches with you when you move. Go with a super-stretch option for a seriously close fit. Distressed skinny jeans have that lived-in look. The beauty of skinny jeans is that they look good when paired with just about anything. A hoodie is great for a casual, laid back look, while a colourful tee or a heavy jacket is much more direct. Try a pair of fresh white trainers to really accent the outfit.

Tracksuit trousers offer a looser alternative that’s equally comfortable and even more casual. We like them in dark colours – grey or black – that can be teamed with any shade to match your mood. These are still plenty bold, of course. Go with a vertical stripe down the leg, or horizontal stripes to add flair. Naturally, when putting an outfit together, you can consider whether the full tracksuit is the best way and simplest way to go. You might not need anything else –  apart from a sweet pair of trainers. And when the weather's warm, shorts are what's called for. A cool, well-chosen print or pattern makes a statement on its own. Denim shorts do the same underneath light tees.

When you see the eye-catching, assertive 11 DEGREES logo, you recognise it instantly. It means sporting chic, it means urban style, and it means quality, from the heaviest jacket to the lightest tee.

Keep it real with 11 DEGREES tees

We're way into this range. The tees are creative, innovative and effortlessly cool. Think slimming, athletic shapes. Think glitchy modern graphics. Think block colours cut into futuristic shapes. Muted colours make less of an impression, but are easier to mix and match with other pieces. Long sleeves offer a different take by changing your silhouette – in a good way. 

Track tops are ideal for keeping toasty in cooler weather. Not to mention, you can pair it with matching bottoms for an instant outfit. Don't restrict yourself to that, though. Try one out with skinny jeans for an attention-grabbing combination.

It's not just outstanding style that marks 11 DEGREES as something special. The brand’s clothes aren't just inspired by sport, they're also made for it. They're perfect for a kick about with your mates, or for looking your absolute best down at the gym.

Warm outerwear with a cool twist

An 11 DEGREES jacket is your friend and ally in cold weather. We love pieces with a detachable faux-fur collar, which you can choose to show off or keep undercover. We like keeping it ourselves – who doesn't love a touch of faux fur? Fleece lining is the way to go for comfortable, warm wear at colder times of the year. If you want something a little lighter without giving up insulation or protection from the elements, a windbreaker will blow you away. If you need to strike a balance between not-too-hot and not-too-light, a hoodie is the way to go.